03 April 2024 Meeting of the Supreme Committee for continuous professional development of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Mohamed Lotayef the Executive president, met with the Higher Committee for the continuous professional development of veterinary medicine to discuss the action plan and the accreditation of professional and specialized scientific and training programs for veterinary medicine for the post-university education stage, and the accreditation of professional certificates for those who pass these programs in the various branches of veterinary health work from the relevant training bodies accredited by the council A full explanation of the approved professional development activities, the rules and standards of continuing professional development activities and the mechanisms of registration of continuing professional development activities through the website of the Egyptian Health Council .
The committee is composed of both:
•    Prof. Hussein Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan - former vice president of Benha University for education and Student Affairs (Chairman committee).
•    Prof. Maha Abdo Mohammed Abdo Ashmawi - Dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Mansoura University.
•    Prof. Fikry Mohamed Hussein Sayed - Full Professor - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Alexandria University
•    Prof. Abdel Rahim Hussein Abdel Azim - Professor - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Beni Suef University.
•    Prof. Tarek Nabil Ahmed Ali Mohamed – Professor - Department of surgery, faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sadat City University.
•    Colonel Dr. Abu Al Ala Afifi - Doctor of philosophy and Veterinary Sciences in the Armed Forces.

Latest News
Prof. Mohamed Mostafa Lotayef Executive president, Egyptian Health Council, met with the Supreme Committee for Guidelines for Neurology to discuss the work plan and draw a road map for developing guidelines for Neurology. Prof. Hassan Saad Hassan Hosni was chosen as Chairman of the Committee.
30 April 2024
Prof. Mohamed Lotayef Executive president, Egyptian Health Council, participated in a workshop entitled (Private sector participation in health care and the comprehensive health insurance system), in cooperation with the World Health Organization.
29 April 2024
The Egyptian Health Council approved the 44th annual conference of the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, and obtained accreditation for 21 training hours granted to doctors participating in the conference and workshops by the Health Council, which is considered one of the first conferences to obtain accreditation from the Supreme Committee for Continuing Professional Development of the Egyptian Health Council.
25 April 2024